Aasdam Art Wooden Framed

  • Amylia Xu

Asdam Art Framed Canvas


After the frame with wooden, framed the canvas. A complete framed canvas is ready. Transported to the warehouse, when the Asdam Art artists need to paint, transport to the studio, and hang on the wall. It is time to painting.

But we must 📯 inform 📯, when you buy one or a small amount of framed canvas paintings, the shipping is not free. Because when the items are framed, the volume is larger than before. Transportation costs have gone up a lot. Sometimes, the transportation costs is expensive than the canvas paintings.

🤗😘So kindly hope you can understand us.

😊😁Hope you enjoy shopping, also hope we have the opportunity to cooperate.

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  • Amylia Xu

Asdam Art Painting Pigment


In order to make you more intuitive to understand- Asdam Art paints used in painting. You can watch follow picture.


  • Amylia Xu

Asdam Art Canvas Art Painting Pigment-Acrylic


Do you know what is like a cream on canvas? That is the pigment-acrylic that our painters often use. If you know the asdam art flower series, you will find that the petals are very thick and 3D. The petals are painted with these barrels of acrylic. Asdam Art uphold the quality priority, fully materials.


  • Amylia Xu

Asdam Art Artists Use Palette Knife Paint Brush


Recently, many friends have asked why can canvas have thick paint on painting. Now let me tell you answer, using a palette knife. Maybe you can see that many palette knife and brush grips are very old, which is the tool used by our experienced painters. With more than 20 years of painting experience, especially good at knife painting.

If you need wholesale paintings, please contact us: and we will send you a quotation form after receiving the email.


  • Amylia Xu